a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This and That and The Other

I have been thinking about life, the world, and everything for a week or so. I have a few observations about what I have been ruminating about.
In no particular order:
1. resent the names of sporting areas and other type venue buildings named for corporations. It goes right to my anarchist nerve along with being referred to as a consumer and not a citizen. I had a minor fit when after the events of 9/11 President Bush told Americans to do what they did best SPEND MONEY AND BUY STUFF, to show those ol’ terrorists we were fine, while he and his regime began to dismantle the constitution behind that good ol’ boy facade. Phooey.
I just watched my new DVD --Jesus Christ Superstar. It is a deluxe DVD with commentary by Norman Jewison and Ted Neeley. I loved that movie from the first time I saw it in the very early 1970s. After being treated to a full day of drudgery with all the holy Jesus movies on Easter on TCM, it was nice to watch a quality piece of work. The commentary was so special. I do not roam around the Direct TV dial since 99% is real crap and the other stuff is reruns. When I gave up TV when I was forced to go digital in ’09, I never looked back with regret. I own a few sets of DVDs of my favorite series and re watch them when the mood strikes me. I do have a lot of favorite movies, these, my books, and music round out my entertainment.
I enjoyed the winter. If I were not forced to keep the house so hot I would have been happier. I am now enjoying this creeping Spring. I saw daffodils today while out and shoots of tulips or whatever they are at the side of my house. I hope the ferns survived being frozen for the last few months. I love the ferns.
I have two babies who seem to be planning to leave. Frosty the touch me not cat, has stopped running away from me at meal time and he has taken to sleeping in the same room I am in...he used to stay away from the group. If he would let me I would hold him in my arms and smoochy him all up. Scotsman has taken to sleeping on my lap, or in the bathroom sink. Both are elderly.
I have given up on the dreams and ideals I held as an American, and now also as a Canadian. Both countries have good things about them, and both have scare me to death sinister sides that are less veiled. I can see the contempt both governments have towards their citizens/consumers. It is sad and terrifying.
For now I am finished with this chapter of rumination.

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