a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rise Up Slaves and Rebel! It is Now we must fight!

I have never advocated the annihilation of a whole family before. However in light of the past 35+ years I have had enough of the most evil depraved family on earth and I call for a Fatwa. I also include our own Homegrown evil families.

The Saudi Royal family is the most depraved, evil family on earth. Their Wahabism has been behind most all the terrorist attacks in the past 20 years. They have used their money, which we give them for their oil, to foment death and destruction around the world. It is no secret that they were behind the attack of 9/11.
Now the very straw that has broken the camel’s back has happened in the most depraved and profane act by Saudi Prince Fahd bin Sultan, in his cold blooded murder of thousands of gentle birds, he is not an isolated case. The whole house of Saud is corrupt. I am rather surprise Dick Cheney was not on this pleasure murder trip.
They have scattered their crumbs to others hiding their depravity. They are so wealthy, like the Koch brothers, that they feel above the law and that they are better than other people because of their wealth. The Koch brothers also scatter their crumbs here to people who do their bidding.
The Sauds have shown thousands of times how nasty, depraved, & profane they are over the years. Yet out government is in bed with them as lovers. Our government is as depraved for no one was sold in to slavery; the USA went in as willing partners. And the Koch brothers are as powerful as the Saudis and as evil.
I hate using the word evil but the thesaurus is so inadequate for my disgust at these subhumans who control the world.
It is the Saudis who are creating the unrest in every Muslim country. They are using their vast petro wealth to fund the people who willingly buy into their draconian Wahabism. They are like the people who willingly joined the NAZIs because they were already bent into a violent shape. A person is not corrupted unless he/she is already ripe to turn their back on the truth and light and follow the darkness of these evil people. They have sold their souls since they were not using them anyway.
So I call for the Destruction of the House of Saud. I call for the Destruction for the House of Koch. They have no redeeming value to humanity. They are anti-humanity and only hunger for riches and power. They want and have enslaved us but we have velvet bonds now and do not realize we are shackled to their filth. Rise Up world and take back your souls. Take back your lives and stop being the pawn and lackeys of the Saudis and the Koch.
If you do not rise up then you too are doomed to be as depraved as they are and then I hope you too suffer for your greed, lust, and evil ways.
There is only two sides that of truth and light and that of the Darkness that has control of the world now. Truth is losing but we can rise up and fight.

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