a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Madness

I am not normally calm when things surprise me an unpleasant way. As my second cousins posted “I am Russian I don’t do Calm”, but I can calm down however it takes some time to reassess and calm down. The other ethnic parts of me are French and Irish so no one does calm!
I need to rant about food. I have decided to use more dried vegetables and some people( the Old One comes to mind) are all about fresh. Well I need to fuss.
I had two beautiful Onions to use in a recipe tonight. The Old One loves onions, lots and lots of onions. Every freaking bag of onions or individually chosen onions I have bought in two years have been bad. Out of five pounds of onions fully half are spoiled the day I buy and cut them open. The onions( makes no difference if they are purple, white, or yellow) look beautiful on the outside the skins are dry like a good fresh onion should be. BUT cut them open and they are rotten inside...pre spoiled!
So the five pounds I need for onion soup are barely three pounds of eatable onions after I cut through them. That makes me crazy, frustrated and angry that the price I pay for garbage comes from a finite source of money. I wasted $5 dollars….and that is a lot of money for this peasant. I just needed the two big beautiful onions for tonight. I got one!
So I will defend my use of the bulk dried vegetables that I buy, yes they are not as “nice” as fresh onions but I do not get to buy nice fresh onions, I get to buy onions that are spoiled inside and looks beautiful outside.
So much for the fresh food movement all the rich folks tout!

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