a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Saturday, February 8, 2014


I wanted to watch the Olympics today, I have Direct TV and a bazillions stations so I thought I would enjoy the events. WRONG. Even though I pay through the nose for DirectTV I got NO station that has the Olympics...unless I want to pay more.
I gave up counting after 17 porno stations and 30 all day paid programming( read as infomercials all day all night) 20 stations with reruns and half of those have the SAME programs to boot.
SO I hate cable TV it is all cable to me little dish on the roof or not. These are not nice companies. First Direct TV takes off the weather channel...one station I did enjoy and put this godawful droning Weathernation in its place as good enough for us slobs who have cable. The Weathernation never has my area weather ever! So I feel blind about the coming storms here and I have an Old One(96) who I need to take to the doctor and provide for her comfort and safety.
I want to cancel the cable all together but she watches it. So I am held hostage by Direct TV and my duty to the Old One. And I hate Direct TV since they are rude on the phone, and do not give me value for the money I pay each month, Yes I get 100 station but over 55 are porn or informercials, 3 are the local ( a 100 miles away from me) and 2 get watched more or less. The rest are rerun stations of shows I do not want to see anymore or reality TV( even HGTV is a reality TV station now).
I hate wasting money! I hate not watching something that is costing me money I can spend elsewhere! I hate DirectTV for not ever giving me value for my hard earned money. Go ahead and laugh at me but I am not a pod person that relishes the garbage on the television. It could have been such a useful tool to learn and see the world from my living room. But when the history channel has reality TV shows about pawn shops I know that civilization is a sham and the people who watch this stuff are pathetic. The world is devolving right before my eyes.
I need to wash myself after having Direct TV on it is that nasty.

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