a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Monday, August 5, 2013

What the Internet Is to Me

Last night I could not get to sleep, so I was thinking about things....everything from what color to paint the floor to why many of my relatives are so crappy. I then drifted to the "community" I have on the internet. I am mostly at G+ and breeze into FB to check things out. I shop online, bank, get my news and weather, socialize and more. So the internet is where I live.
I am new to this physical area and there is no real "life" in these small communities where everyone was born and grew up here. To me this is not a virtual world since I am not different online than in person. And all of those I socialize with are real people. I have not hidden here. I am open and honest with my views and I am willing to change my mind when I am wrong during debates and conversations. I do know not everyone is as I am.... open and honest, but I get a feeling that those I socialize with the most are more like me than hidden psychos/slashers-stalkers.
So the old life of going to work and to other social places to meet and visit with people is not an option and it really no longer exists here anymore. To be new to an area is not easy, but with the internet I can bring everyone and all the things I do with me. I can share the new adventure with those I feel like I know. I am not too close to blood relatives and there are no old friends looking me up on the net from my long ago past. SO here is the best I can do. And that is great! I am older yet still young feeling I am not ones mother(except cats) no one's grandma so I am still learning and doing new things at my advanced old age. I will grow old gracefully and on the net since this is where life is now.
This is a wonderful invention and a scary place to be but it is all there is now. And I am OK with that.

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