a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cassandra Calling

My name is Cassandra, and I am writing this while waiting for a page to load. It is unusual for me to wait so long. And the server is timed out so I am off line.
    I have had this “feeling” for some time now that the internet will fail. Soon. How soon I am unsure. Since everything is getting internetized we are more and more dependent on a technology that is really just an infant subject to the whims of undisciplined  minds.
    Many of us become “friends” with others from over seas- much like pen pals of the last centuries. Mail can be slow, however if it is operated properly mail gets to the receiver from the sender.    
    But I see s sinister slowing of dial up, a sinister non availability through wiifii, and other so called fast connections, that puzzle the user and causes them to doubt their machines and their abilities to connect and use their computer. This is not so.
    Unless you have never used a computer then it is not you but the system that is failing. It fails because of weather, but it fails because of over extension and the bravado  of those who operate the internet and all the connections.
    Governments and corporations have infiltrated and threaded themselves in all facets of the internet and track us, block us.
    The internet is a drug most powerful and we are heavy users. The world is dependent on the ether-world.
     Remember it was created for government use, corporate( academic) use. Not for our use. Yet we are the sheep who have flocked to the siren song of internet. The freedom to travel and see and do what we can not do at home. And they have enslaved us, lulled us to its easy use then slowly rachetted up the difficulty. Yet it was always difficult with the early computers with all the patches and bugs and we were conditioned to expect glitches and others problems that vex and hinder us. When Apple came out computers were easier and had less problems. So the golden age was a few months maybe a few years. Then the complications crept into this world too. Partially greed and partially design and purpose to further enslave those who resisted the first wave. And now what can we do with everything online from bills to communications? We become blind and deaf when our connection is off line.
    We have lost the freedom of non-digital broadcast television. Hooked to the cables that are owned by the sinister corporations who have never had anything in their sights but gold. We are the cash cows. We are the duped and gullible who are becoming more ignorant everyday we tweet, twitter and not really read or even think our own thoughts.
    Civilization is in a downward spiral and we are being sucked into the vortex that has atrophied the minds of three generations. Baby Boomers, their children and their children’s children are now doomed.
    It is not too late to change, however it is too late, for we are in denial and will not see the abyss until we pass through the portal.

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