a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things do not change, we change. Henry David Thoreau

Our experiences shape our hopes and dreams. Time recreates our understanding, attitudes, and responses. Hearing an old favorite song from our youth can elicit nostalgia or a wonderment of what did we hear in that song?
    We all can look back at our hairstyles& clothes and shudder what was I thinking?! However we should not be dismayed, that snapshot of our past is the us we were then. It is where we were, what we did, and what we thought. We have been in many cocoons and reemerged as many kinds of butterflies and moths. Life is the journey and we change with the times and trends. We grow and evolve to include new ideas and jettison old out dated ideas. Our lives are ever evolving and as for our changing for good or ill only time will tell.
     Some will know only at their death bed how good or bad they truly were, some will only learn after being caught that maybe they were wrong. A successful life lived is when you can look yourself in the mirror and like what you see with out the frosting of justification for your misdeeds. Mistakes are made but the conscious deeds made from anything but a fair and honest corner should cause some shame and regret. How many lives have you ruined because you followed orders with no questions? How many people are fired for no real reason except the bottom line for stock holders or the ego of the Dean, office manager or other higher ups?
    We all share in some form or another in these events either the wronged or the one who does wrong. The big question and truth is when do we discover that we have been wrong and must change. We can not change the past but the right now must be changed or your life will amount to nothing.
    Why are we here on earth? Big question. Many people stay shallow and cling to religion as their answer saves time and contemplation. The easy way out of the big question.  Why are we here?
    The reason we are here is not important it is what we do that counts in life not the why am I here question. You are here now, do good things and get on with the short time you have. Asking the right question is the most important thing you will ever do.
Do you know the right question?

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