a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Saturday, April 29, 2017


In these times of uncertainty, and lets face it all times are uncertain, the best thing to have is your own home. A safe harbor to cocoon in, fix your way and just be. Another wonderful thing is natural beauty coupled with the amenities of a charming village. Four seasons is also a way to connect with nature. You will find a new and improved rhythm of life knowing to each thing there is a season and each season has its work and its pleasures.
Houses are very expensive in the USA, except in places with nothing going for them…or is that just a fallacy? Big city life is nice. I have lived in some wonderful big cities. However there is great charm of nature civilized. By Nature Civilized I mean all the beauty of the natural world married with the needs of a modern life.
If your habits are not beyond your means then this opportunity is for you!
Water front property on two sides, parks on the third, and a decent road in front. All this with in walking distance to everything: grocery store, post office, restaurants, doctors, more parks, and shopping for stuff. There is high speed internet, cable TV, cell phone service. Be connected to the outside world with out the outside world pounding on your door.
What is the marvelous opportunity am I writing about? 100 Main Street Milbridge, Maine. An 1880s original duplex on nearly an acre in town with water views, park views, wildlife views…… Live in one side and rent out the other side full time or seasonally for your income.
If you have some skills in handyman stuff you will find lots of work here to add to your income. If you have some trade or other skill that requires an office there is a place to have it in you home. Are you a psychologist? An artist? A writer? A tailor? A candle maker? Then you have space to be. To do you job from home.
If you are tired of the rat race, and let’s face it the rats are winning, then downsizing with out down grading is a great option.
The link to the duplex is provided.
But before you say no just think of the possibilities of a calmer life. A life where you can call you own shots. Watch the Canadian geese from your windows, and the many other shore birds from every window and just marvel at the migration. Hear the laughing gulls, Smell the salt air…which, by the way, is a real tonic for the soul!
The welcome you will get in this DownEast village will not be like an outsider….why? You will be living in a famous home. Everyone in town has been in these duplexes as children, residents, or visitors. When the Coast Guard /Navy had a bigger presents in this area these homes were lived in by the many families who were military stationed here. 100 Main St is not a converted old house to be a duplex but built as a duplex for the people who lived and worked in this once bustling community. You will meet people and let them know where you live that you bought this property and they will smile and tell you how wonderful….This does not happen in every small town. It will happen here in Milbridge.
Can you decide what kind of life you want to live or are you a slave to the times? Are you adventurous and want to experience life before you rot in place in some suburb or studio apartment in the big city. Do you really like to see water and hear birds and get to know people? Then 100 Main St is for you. It is not just a dream but can be your reality. It just depends on how you treat yourself. Are you the Queen or King of your life or the slave of someone else?


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