a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Saturday, December 10, 2016

How to Stop Caring?

I went to shop and saved money by not buying a cake or something nice to eat. I did see that saltine crackers( all the new boxes) are now less than 16 ounces...but the same price. This for some reason really irritates me. I feel cheated and stolen from for some reason. Since I used to teach a modern version of Home economics I really pay attention to prices and weights.. How many of you are old enough to remember coffee was sold by the pound( 16 ounces)? My cat food cans once were 6.5 ounces a can now they are 5. Cats do not eat less. I do not ( well now I do) make less coffee in a week. A jar of mayonnaise was a quart( 32 ounces) now many are 30 ounces or a fraction so doing math in ones head is very difficult when trying for the price per ounce. It is not done for metric sake since the grams are not even either it is all done to make thinking by the shopper harder to decide which is a better deal. My income has not gone up and T-rump will make sure it goes down. My standard of living has been sliding for 18 years at least....Or when coffee stopped being by the pound. I do think that is closer to 30years since my Dad was still alive. SO I have another useless irritation that I can do nothing about and I do not know how to not care. I feel sorry for the young people thinking this is right, It is ard living in the new normal when I can remember the way it was just a few months ago and saltines were still a pound box.

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