a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Saturday, March 7, 2015

I am the Aberration...

I have been thinking a lot about life lately. I love life on a whole, and hate what most people do with the short time we all have to enjoy the few years we have here on earth.
I know hate is a strong word but when other people are actively making my life journey hard for their nasty reasons I get ticked off.
This attitude includes relatives as well as those “elected” types who do their best to force their attitudes on others.
I have been told since I was a child that Life is not fair. I have really been contemplating that statement for decades and You know what? That is BS. It is an excuse and justification for bad, nasty behavior from those who for some unfathomable reason want others to suffer at their hands or in general.
Why do you want others to suffer? I ask that to all the “conservative FOX and GOP” types. I ask that of all the religious types who like to make others not of their faith suffer and die or live a miserable life. What thrill do you get to let others go hungry, homeless, cold, or be tortured and bombed? What kind if sickness do you suffer from that harming others and then justifying it for some political/religious reason as a good thing? How much hate do you have in your heart? It must be a lot since this world could be a nice place for everyone but YOU don’t want to share with the world your abundance even when your abundance rots in an over stocked refrigerator or gets thrown away in a land fill.
I see the individual people who are so self centered that only their comfort is important and has always been paramount that they get their fun, their way or the will make everyone around them suffer.
I now see why the world is so screwed up. I am not in the majority.
I am the anomaly, I am the odd man/woman out on this planet. My attitude is the wrong one ….to love ones neighbor, to do unto to others as I would have done to me….That is the perverted, the aberration of the species. I am the aberration and that is why I can see how awful this world is. I am the sick one.

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