a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Thursday, August 14, 2014


I love life. I love life for all people and all living non people. I have no illusions that there is a heaven or hell. That is a a tale for children, for those who are not aware of the precious value of life.
As much as I love life I am drawn to suicide to rid me of the pain of watching, hearing about those who hate, of those who can kill any life with no more thought than taking a piss.

However I am in despair at how every government and religion is behaving towards their own people and others not “approved” by their narrow view of this world.
I am sick at heart and soul at the wholesale killing, the callous disregard for another’s love of life to the point that making others suffer, killing others, is some how alright, is some how acceptable.

I remember how horrified the world was when that Buddhist monk set himself on fire in South East Asia during the Viet Nam war. I remember people talking about that was such a tragedy.

When Robin Williams could not longer stand his demons he took his life away. Millions were horrified, grief stricken to loose such a beloved public figure. I then thought if this man who had everything I always wanted, talent, wealth, public acclaim, could throw his life away in his pain then why not me. Why not end my pain at having to see the suffering, the purposely unfairness of others, the hatred towards me by my own government. A government who can not even spare part of the vast riches they squander on killing others to shelter the homeless, feed children, help heal the sick in their own country from the taxes taken from the serfs who support this regime of death.

Then I was thinking through this ideal of killing myself that no one will care except a few close people and of course my cats. I could not kill myself to make a statement about the One Percent oppressing the other Seven Billion people because there is not enough hearts to feel the outrage felt by that death of one Buddhist monk on the stairs so long ago.

If I asked others to join me in suicide, a mass suicide? No that will only create a news event of 5 minutes and then the One Percent will be rid of those who are watching them. Then those precious lives will be gone for nothing.

What makes us all alike? The red of our blood. The kittens murdered by that cop in front of terrified children, their blood was red. The people blown apart by Israeli bombs their blood is red. The wounds created by the rocks thrown at the Israeli solider that blood is red. The slaughter animals condemned only to tantalize the taste buds of “gourmands”… their blood is red as well.

From now on I will wear a a red ribbon on my arm or wrist, or a red piece of duct tape on my clothes, on my car, my bike. This is the symbol of life. It is only seen in death now a days. But If everyone who is fed up, tired and weary of this insanity created by the less than One Percent of the Seven Billion peoples of this planet puts a strip of red tape on their out side clothes, cars, bikes, backpacks, purses, hand bags, cell phones something…. everything…. to be seen by others every day; this will mean I would kill myself if it would stop the madness of these governments, religions, groups who only wish harm and unhappiness for others.
If you love life for everyone then join me. If you wish to spread this idea a piece of red tape on bank doors, restaurants, businesses windows, Not a vandalized size just a few inches to show you know they are part of that One Percent of the insane people who value money over life, that One Percent who lust after power over others so they can make them suffer. Or like our governments who have forgotten us and think we are so much cannon fodder or cash cows to milk dry then throw away. Wear red, not as clothes no, but a strip of tape placed in any way on your jeans, skirts, boots, hats, sleeves. A bumper sticker of red tape, a strip on the door or window of your house. And when people mention it because they will tell them it is the blood of life and you refuse to kill yourself to make the One Percent happy but you want them to know that YOU know THEY are insane and wrong about everything they believe. Since they do not value the only thing we all have for a short time…..LIFE.

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  1. I have never really thought of suicide as a viable option. As a teenager going through puberty, I thought everyone would be better off without me, but never thought of taking my own life. I know your post wasn't on suicide as such, but it did get me thinking. I need to find some read duct tape.