a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Gemini Ice Storm

I pulled up my big girl panties, put on my llBean boots and ice cleats. Took a snow shovel, the ice scraper, car keys. I then shoveled down the back deck stairs. Bashing and cracking the thick crust of ice the had encased the powder snow. In some places the ice was 2 inches thick. This is one time being "weighty" helps. With cleats on boots I could break through the ice sheets and tread on snow. I crunched through the back dooryard until I found the car. The sun is shining and the back window was clean. I unlocked the car door and it opened like it was not entombed in crystal ice. I then slid into the car and started it. No doubt Toyota is a nice car. I did get stuck though. My cleats lodged in the carpet and my knee was wedged under the steering wheel. My cleats fell off the boot that was still out side on the ice. Ice is slick, slippery, no forgiveness for the sole of an uncleated boot. I was stuck! I was swearing, then I was laughing. MY GOD I was so funny! The car was on and I turned the CD on and the air was blowing and the defrost was on. I managed to work my stuck cleated booted foot so I could move enough to get off my hip and on my butt. I was successful. I took the cleats off & closed the car door. I saw the most amazing event. The ice melt under the layer of ice ---as thick as a pane of glass--- was moving and began to float the ice sheet on my window. I got out after putting the cleats back on since the ice on the ground was a skating rink, I chipped chipped a bit and within an hour I was able to move the whole ice sheet and break it off the window. I clean a bit off the head lights. Once the car was drivable I drove to the front yard. It is not parked for the Old One to get in the front seat but I need gas anyway and she can ride in the back seat to the gas station. I have the wipers freed up and it is 17 degrees F (-8C).
I did not hurt myself, I did not twist a knee or ankle. I did not fall. It is a good day. I hope the gas station has power tomorrow! Merry Christmas.

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