a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An update of my life.

So it is Summer and the last day of July. My first July in Maine. I love it. I have been painting the porch. I also opened the front doors so I can use the small porch for the trash cans. They are closer to the street, fit the space and it is nice to get them off the Big porch so sitting there is a pleasure... like an outdoor cafe. Today the floor of the small porch gets painted and then as weather permits I can finish the details. I can not get a glass door for the double front Tombstone 112 year old door for a price I can afford. So I will get it weather stripped and make a Chinese door quilt for it. I still need to remove the old wooden storm doors. I just need the light and access. The old doors still let in the cold so it will not be a great loss. I love having the exit work and the windows in the dark hall.
The colors were carefully chosen to look warm and pretty in the cold and grey days. So far it has worked. Burgundy and Tea Rose. Girly colors? No! Happy warm colors for an old house. Every house is white except for 3 on this street. My house is white with black shutters. So the Burgundy and Rose are pretty with the ferns, not some puritan colorings of boring and stunted.
I have some easy ideas for decorating this place. The plaster walls do not like even the lightest weight pictures so some of my art needs to be put some where else for now. I live for anachronism so I will have an inside out house. I will have a Christmas tree this year and not worry about the cats! I will show you later on.
So on this the last day of July my life is still interesting. The Old One is fine and enjoying herself. I have Daisy and I love her( she was my daughter in a former life )The sun is out and the clouds are decorative. The breeze full of the ocean.

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