a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Post Office V. Internet

If you don’t send a lot of snail mail, if you use the internet for for bills, banking and communication then the news that the Post Office will be cutting back on service does not bother you. But It should.
    Slower to less frequent to none at all mail service is the next step to the Steampunk version of the fascism that this country is assimilating. Millions of pieces of mail go through USPS-United States Postal Service. USPS was one of the first departments created after the revolutionary war with Benjamin Franklin as first Postmaster General.
You are on the internet why should this matter to you? For at least two reasons for now.
The first is the most important. The government will and can control and keep surveillance on everything that goes through the internet- your banking & buying habits, what you say in emails, on social networks ...everything. Think not? The internet is too big? China has over One Billion people and the government can filter and block any internet activity it desires and does so. With every new bill passed there is some rider, tacked on, something extra that further narrows the scope of the freedoms that had been once America.
    The second reason is the jobs lost in this process of downsizing and not just in the Postal Service but the ripple effect that will touch everyone- maintenance people for postal vehicles, makers or the postal vehicles, janitorial services, artist who design stamps, printers, paper makers, stamp collectors, small mail order businesses, large mail order businesses, Netflix and other types of movie rental by mail, rural people who do not have reliable or fast internet service. Those who have no computer. The services that support the workers in any of the branches that are the post office and extended services. This list can go on and on.
    The way the current regime is operated is so far from efficient that anyone who thinks we live in a free and democratic country is either a fool or delusional. Not one elected official or wannabe elected official has this nation as their first priority. We no longer are citizens but consumers and cash cows. Elected officials are in it for the power and the money. We are now a miltiary-industial fascist government and like the pot of frogs the heat has been increasing for a long, long time, and those at the bottom are feeling the heat first. Soon all of you on the top will too. The Post Office is just the canary in the mine. If you can not send a private letter with any speed, and if people do not see that this is alarming then this county will deserve what it gets. I plan to send Christmas Cards.

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