a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Monday, October 3, 2011

Who are the Domestic Enemies?

    When does the federal government become the domestic enemy? I believe it became the enemy of the people when the congress and senate passed the Patriots Act with out reading it and let Bush and Cheney invade two countries with out provocation or review.
     Afghanistan did not invade nor fire on the US until we invaded their country. We forced Osama Bin Laden out of the Sudan where he was easier to keep tabs on into the wilds of Afghanistan. Now we are occupiers of a hostile people because they do not want to be occupied. We invaded and ruined Iraq and caused the brutal death on tens of thousands- why- because Saddam wanted to “hit my Daddy”? That country’s infrastructure is in shambles everyone is living under war stress and getting angry and desperate - they have nothing to loose. Now we are continuing the destabilization of a country with nuclear weapons. Pakistan was never treated nicely by Afghanistan since it came into existence. Afghanistan wanted major parts of Pakistan for decades. Pakistan took in millions of Afghanis including Karzai. And now Pakistan is blamed for everything that has gone wrong with the US invasion.
    The government has protected and danced to the tune of big business, the military industrial complex and other high dollar lobbies.
The economic meltdown was not cause by me, but by banks and financial institutions believing they are above the law and idea of ethics- any ethics. Millions of jobs went overseas never to return again for only one reason -profit. We have ceased to be a democracy for many decades now- we are a capitalistic nation with out any set of moral boundaries. That is why the Tea Party types are going fundamentalist Christian on us. They need some sort of divine guidance since they refuse to take responsibility for their inactions and actions. The blind faith in some sort of god takes the responsibility off their minds while they call for more slaughter, more derision to destabilize the US. They blight the name Republican- a once proud progressive party.
    So when can we decide the federal government has become the domestic enemy? When will the leaders of this once great nation accept the responsibility of its acts that have caused this slide down to a fallen empire?

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