a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Monday, October 10, 2011

Universal Health Care/Socialized Medicine

Why I like universal health care- I do not feel well since yesterday. Could be an anxiety attack, part of the ptsd I have, a heart attack, or just tired of the intense heat we have had then the sudden weather change. I have no health care coverage so if I go to the doctor and it is nothing big deal I am out $150 office visit, which I do not have to spare, or if it is a serious thing no coverage for that either, so that adds to what ever stress I am feeling. I can not just up and go to the doctor either it will be a week or maybe 3 weeks during this time of the year for an appointment. An emergency room visit will cost at least $5000-10,000 if I am there over night- a real amount from a person who did need 18 hours in the hospital via an emergency. So you tell me why this "socialized medicine is wrong" and somehow un American.
Tell me why I am out of this wonderful American health care loop since I can not afford it?  Why should only the rich receive healthcare- any kind of healthcare with out the added worry of paying for it? Tell me why it is not Christian to have health care. Hell tell me why it is not Christian to not have homes for the homeless, why should anyone in the USA go hungry because they cannot afford food. Many Senior Citizens are not rich and are considered food insecure. And many more people in this once great country live on the edge of homelessness or in that one pay check away from the streets reality. Why is this the Christian way to all the Tea Party types? Why are you not your brother’s keeper and why don’t you care about others? It is so obvious that you are callous and are repulsed by the not rich citizens of this once great country. I can not understand your logic and lack of compassion. You seem to me cruel and mean spirited. Life is so fragile, so fleeting that it is a wonder why so many people want to make so many others miserable for this short life span.
So tell me why socialized health care is so wrong.

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