a heart is captive

a heart is captive

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I have gotten brave and updated several of my sites. I am no longer afraid of the USA and fear their storm trooper mentality. I have spent years trying to blend in to the scenery- but no more. Put me in jail at least there I can get some medical care.
 I have had this site since 2004, no one but me reads it and that is ok most internet browsers are like me  wants some fun. And most people who reply to common sense get offended  and use foul language since they are not in front of any real person. A lot of knee jerks out there to be sure. A lot of ignorance - I can tell when people are ignorant and proud of it-shows all over.
I do not support the troops for these reasons:
1. there is no draft everyone in the service wants to kill the enemy or at least get a little torture in. After all they are not real people the Narns are they? Is is not like Muslims have any human feelings.
2. This is too much way too late where were all of you when Viet Nam was going strong and men/boys were drafted- except the slimy ones who got out of the draft- with no choices but jail or die in the jungle.
We should never have invaded Afghanistan or Iraq or compromise Pakistan to near destruction. Troops murdered Osama- why? Why not a big showy trail demonstrating how Our Democracy works? To show those evil bastards that we are not those evil bastards they think we are?
It is time for truth all over the world- we are going bankrupt but we became morally bankrupt a long time ago. There is only one law- do to others what you wish done to yourself.


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